Frequently Asked Questions
What You Should Know Before You Buy a Smoke Machine

Why should I purchase the Smoke WIZARD® instead of a Smoke Pro®?
BOTTOM LINE: Why buy old technology that’s Not OEM EVAP-Approved when you can get a Brand New OEM EVAP-Approved Smoke WIZARD® for about the same price that has more features, is streamlined designed, stores in your tool chest – unlike the “other” brands. It’s a no-brainer! It just makes sense to own a Smoke WIZARD®!

Smoke WIZARD® machines are OEM EVAP-Approved by ALL Auto Manufacturers.  Smoke Pro® machines are Not OEM Approved BY ANY car manufacturer! Not only are they not approved for EVAP system leak detection – they are not approved for leak detection on ANY automotive system, by ANY car maker! Ask a Smoke Pro® dealer for PROOF Smoke Pros are OEM EVAP-Approved and PROOF that baby oil is OEM EVAP-Approved and the answer will most likely go up in smoke!

What's Up with Baby Oil? Beware of companies that make the claim that 'baby oil' can be used as the smoke vapor solution for EVAP testing! No Automaker in the world approves introducing baby oil vapor into their vehicles, period! In fact, even baby oil manufacturers clearly state: "It [baby oil] is NOT intended to be used nor should it be used in or in conjunction with any mechanical or automotive component or equipment", period! AND...when baby oil burns, it STINKS! The Smoke WIZARD® uses UltraTraceUV® Smoke Solution – the only OEM-Approved dye solution!  AND. . . it doesn't stink!

Can I Use Shop Air to Test an EVAP System? Don’t Do It!! No EVAP system should be tested with shop air. OEM testing procedures recommend inert gas for EVAP testing! The Smoke WIZARD® functions with inert gas for EVAP system testing (including optional 20 oz Liquid Pack) OR shop air for testing other systems. Smoke WIZARD® recommends the use of inert gas when testing EVAP Systems per OEM testing procedures. You need to use Nitrogen or another inert gas when working in an EVAP system. The vapor rich gasoline fumes in the tank, which are too rich to ignite, will be diluted by the medium you use to push the smoke while testing. If the dilution is done with an inert gas, you will not be replacing these fumes with fumes that could lead to combustion in the tank.       The use of shop air, which is 21% Oxygen, is totally the opposite and very dangerous. The Smoke WIZARD® uses very reliable BOSCH glow plug heater technology with sophisticated circuit board controller, sampling at 30-times/sec, ensuring proper temperature control. Other machines that use baby oil use a wick (that’s right – a WICK!) that can burn (which reduces a machine’s performance). This is the reason you are instructed not to dead head the Redline unit in smoke mode. If the leak is small or you walk away while testing, you will be essentially deadheading the unit and cause a premature failure due to burning the wick.

Smoke WIZARD® has an Automatic Shut-Off Valve incorporated into the design per the Automobile Association of Manufacturers as a safety requirement. This valve ensures that there will be NO flow when the machine is shut off. If you turn off a Smoke Pro Total Tech, using shop air you will still get flow, which will push the gasoline vapor rich fumes from the gas tank into the atmosphere, a dangerous situation.

How Much Does a Smoke WIZARD® Cost? The Smoke WIZARD® is reasonably priced about the same as a Smoke Pro® TT, but the Smoke WIZARD® has more features, is streamlined designed and stores in your tool chest (it can be laid down). Smoke Pros cannot be laid down – in fact if a Smoke Pro® tips over, it may be many, many hours before it drains sufficiently to reuse. That’s downtime and a hassle you can’t afford! How Many Tests Will the Smoke Solution Do & How Much is a New Bottle? A 12 oz bottle of UltraTraceUV® Smoke Solution will perform approximately 375 tests – only about 19 cents per test! A new bottle costs $69.95 + shipping (add CA sales tax if applicable).

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