Smoke Wizard®
Smoke Wizard®
Has a Pressure Gauge
Leak Down Test - (Pressure Decay)
Diagnose small leaks lets you
Confirm the repair is complete
Smoke Wizard's®
Has a Flow Control Knob
Directional & Precise
Pinpoint Leak Location
Smoke Wizard®
Compact Design - Easy to Carry
Hangs Under Hood
Stores in most toolboxes!

NO Pressure Gauge!!

NO Flow Control Knob!!

Smoke Wizard®
Has a Vacuum Gauge
Vacuum decay is required for natural vacuum decay testing. Chrysler, Ford, General Motors, Toyota & many others have vacuum self-test systems.

NO Vacuum Gauge!!

Maybe the Check Engine light should
be called the
Smoke Wizard light

2 Bottles Oil, UV Glasses & Light Included!
(Included accessories pictured)
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