1.  UV Dye *Look for “trace” like a CSI: Finds Smallest Leaks!
2.  Accessories include*UV Glasses & LED Light!
3.  Flow Control Knob *Pinpoints leaks & verifies repair
4.  Pressure Gauge *Confirm no more leaks
5.  Vacuum Gauge *Performs vacuum decay tests
6.  Anti-Spill Design *Always available for use
7.  Safer Testing *OEM Approved Auto Shut-Off
8.  Finds Leaks Fast *EVAP, Vacuum, Air, Wind, Water
9.  Portable - No cart needed *Hangs under hood too!
10.  Makes You $$ * Verified repairs = less "comebacks"
Maybe the Check Engine light should
be called the
Smoke Wizard light

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Diagnostic Smoke® Vapor Leak Detection
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